Fruit consumption is associated with a decrease in body weight and a reduced chance of developing diabetes or high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease.

Grapes are low in calories and rich in vitamin A, C and E.  This is an ideal snack to have before your main meal to reduce the overall amount of food consumed.

They are extremely low on calories and rich in fiber, and full of nutrients.  Research suggests that they can help in weight loss.

They are low on calories and are rich in numerous essential vitamins.  They also improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels and inflammation.

Stone-fruits like nectarines, peaches and plums are healthy, low-calorie, seasonal snacks.  They're a great alternative to cookies, chips or any other junk food.

Passion fruit is a low-calorie and high-fiber fruit that can improve the insulin resistance and blood pressure which could make it an ideal fruit to lose weight.

Rhubarb contains low calories and rich in fiber, could help in losing weight and aid in lowering cholesterol levels.

Kiwi fruit are extremely nutritious and offer a range different health benefits.  Their high fiber content and low calorie content makes the perfect fruit in weight reduction.

Melons are extremely low in calories, and also high in water content.  They helps you shed weight and help keep you well-hydrated.

Oranges are packed with Vitamin C as well as fiber. They can also aid in maintaining a full and healthy diet.

Bananas are packed with nutritional value and high fiber content make them a great component of a healthy weight loss program.

People who consume avocados are lighter than the ones who do not.  Despite its fat content being high avocados can help with weight loss and maintenance.

To Summarize: Fruit is an integral part of a healthy diet, it can help in losing weight. It is also important to follow an wholesome, whole-foods diet as well as physical exercise.